the band

Ebb & Flow is a soulful pop trio, originally founded in Los Angeles, consisting of Gabby Gordon (vocals/keys), Ronen Gordon (drums/laptop), and Morten Kjær (vocals/keys). The Danish-American-Israeli band began working together in 2014. They have since toured on three continents and released two studio albums: "Neon Hearts" and "Edge Of The World".

“Magnificent. In every way.”
Brian Graden, MTV Executive, Brian Graden Media

“Ebb & Flow is easily becoming one of our brightest discoveries this year.”
LA Music Critic blog

“Ebb & Flow is a confident, wholesome, theatrical sounding act.”
Music Connection Magazine



Growing up, Gabby Gordon and her family lived in Denmark, Switzerland, Czech Republic, England, Germany, and the US. Her unique life experience has inspired her love for music and her songwriting. Today, Gabby performs regularly at high-end venues in LA and does co-writes and recording sessions. On her latest solo album, she collaborated with the acclaimed Nashville producer Marshall Altman.



Born and raised in Jerusalem, Israel, Ebb & Flow's drummer and producer Ronen Gordon is particularly active on the American prog rock scene where he tours with the bands LoFi Resistance and Sound of Contact. He is also a sought-after freelance session and live musician on the LA music scene as well as an award-winning drum instructor at the renowned Musicians' Institute in Hollywood.



Morten has had a multifaceted career as a vocalist, songwriter, arranger, producer, and educator. He is a former member of the professional vocal groups Basix, Vocal Line, and M-Pact, and he is a known face on the European and American a cappella scenes. Morten also tours as a solo artist (in the past under the artist name ‘Kier’) and is regularly involved with theatre projects.